Three Tribes panel | Bio

Sue Aspinall

Founding member of Exceed-Global

Exceed work with many of the world’s largest IT companies helping them to transform their sales and marketing organisations from a product, feature and price centric approach to one that positions the quantified business value of their solutions resulting in higher margin business and longer-term customer loyalty.

In 2009 Sue became Chief Executive Officer of Exceed and now leads and directs the business in the USA, EMEA and APJ supported by a team of over 40 consultants, designers, technology experts and administrators.

Prior to this, Sue was Sales Director of Esprit Ltd, an international Sales Consultancy in Buckinghamshire, UK. She has 15 years’ experience as a Sales Account Manager and Sales Manager with Digital Equipment Corporation and Oracle. Sue has a Maths degree from the University of Manchester and a MBA from the University of Reading.

As an Angel Investor, Sue also provides Sales and Marketing expertise to rapidly drive revenue which delivers a win:win for both parties.