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Rob Allan

R&D Technical Manager

Rob, R&D Technical Manager is an expert in Research & Development tax relief. Over the past 3 years, he has offered support and guidance surrounding R&D, including legislation updates to the clients of Catax. Rob is also a member of the HMRC Research & Development Consultative Committee which drives, improvements to guidance, and occasionally policy within the field.

There are thousands of pounds being lost in tax relief by eligible companies every year. This reflects the common misconception that Research and Development (R&D) is confined to manufacturing plants, tech giants or research laboratories, when in reality, the ideas and inspirations that move industries forward have their roots in everyday innovation by the professionals on the ground.

R&D tax relief is the government’s way of rewarding businesses that invest in innovation. This innovation can be in the form of developing new, or improving existing products, processes, devices, materials and services within your business.

Catax are experts in R&D legislation. Their in-house team of experts will determine if your business activities are eligible for tax relief and will maximise the claim you make by identifying the biggest relief possible for you. Catax focusses on R&D tax relief and they never outsource any services, meaning that you can be assured of the same quality throughout the process. You can rely on 30 years of experience, safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with the best in the business.

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